About evServ

evServ is dedicated to delivering high-end server solutions offering great flexibilities and as an alternative RIAD option.

Our range of products include

  • File Server Solution: For Internet Platform 1U , 2U , 3U and 4U Server Chassis.
  • RAID solution: Integration of full line IP-SAN, FC-SAN, DAS RAID System and JBOD System.

At evServ we follow strict quality control standards for all our product lines. Our high-end products are with premium specifications, highly durable yet affordable.

With our strong R&D ability and efficient customer support, evServ have also obtained numerous OEM projects from well-known companies in the US and EU countries and gained the trust from the partners we have worked with.

evServ have years of experience with great qualifications and thrive on delivering latest technology to our customers. Any new concept or ideas from our customers are very welcomed. For more product information, please feel free to contact us.